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The Organizing Committee is delighted to invite abstracts for presentation at the 16th Annual Conference of the Hernia Society of India (HSICON 2022) to be held at Jaipur from 1st to 3rd September, 2022.

Topic classification for abstracts :

1.  Antibiotic prophylaxis, infective complications, instrument sterilization

2. Groin hernia (open)

3. Groin hernia (laparoscopic)

4. Internal and rare hernias (Spigelian, lumbar, internal, diaphragmatic)

5. Ventral hernia (open)

6. Ventral hernia (laparoscopic)

7. Ventral hernia (open component separation)

8. Ventral hernia (endoscopic component separation)

Abstracts submission will be in the form of :

1. Oral presentation (8 minutes + 2 minutes audience participation)

2. Video presentation (6 minutes + 2 minutes audience participation)

3. E-poster presentation (5 minutes and 5 slides – Title (1), clinical history (1), investigations / work up (1), video / images (1) and conclusion (1)

Abstract Submission Guidelines :

» Abstracts can be submitted only by surgeons who have registered for the HSI 2022 conference

» The abstract should be categorized into one of the categories listed above.

» The abstract body should be limited to 250 words.

» Abstract should contain the following:

      - Background

      - Aims & objectives

      - Material and methods

      - Results

      - Conclusion

» Abstract can be submitted only in English.

» Disclosures if any

» The contributor carries legal obligations of the abstract; any violation to a third party’s right will be the responsibility of the contributor.

Abstract selection & acknowledgement :

» All presenters will receive an email acknowledgement of submission of abstract and of acceptance or rejection.

» The decision of the Scientific Committee shall be binding and final.

Any further queries regarding to submission, please feel free to write to

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